Our Team

Project Collaborate was founded by Paul Kostic who is a currently the manging Director of Project collaborate. Paul has Graduated from the University of Wales College Newport (UWCN) which is now the University of South Wales (USW) in 1998. 

Paul Started his IT Career with the POST OFFICE IT Group in Farnborough, where he was thrown in at the deepend and started to develop web applications for Royal Mail, Post Office Pensions and TV Licensing Departments. 

In 1999 Paul  worked for Halcrow Group Ltd an International Engineering firm, where he was set to work updating applications for the Year 2000 and writing an application for the Scottish Office Road Maintance department. 

In Early 2000 Paul became a Director of PSI- Weavers Ltd and worked on Large dot.com ecommerce websites and other web based projects. Some of the projects included once of the first legal music download services (Now.fm) that was pitched to Music Giant EMI. Paul also worked on Music Streaming services for small Radio stations. 

Paul continued to work on Numerous Web based contracts through out the 2000's gain experience in web tech and database design and implementation. Paul was also a non executive board member and advisor for a successful commericial radio station bid to OFCOM for a new Station in Wiltshire.  

2014 Saw Paul working with two Police forces in wales aiding them implementation of a new mobile solution for their officers. Paul also developed a system (ePNB) that saw the advent of officers changing their paper pocket books to using a mobile version that could be used on and offline and would allow supervisors and senior investagiators Live time access to the officers Pocket book accounts. The application is now being used by 3 police forces and with ober 7000 users.